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How CRM Can Improve Internal Communication

Well-functioning Customer Relationship ManagementWell-functioning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems work like dial extensions.

Just like you want your required staff to be a dial away, large businesses require enterprise-wide CRM systems to create the same level of interconnected-ness.

With a range of departments under one roof such as marketing, human resource, sales and procurement, logistics, IT, and finance, it is important to keep them as firmly aligned as possible to present a united front. This can only be achieved through a comprehensive communication network. CRM systems are one way to achieve that goal.

There are a number of ways through which internal communication can be enhanced using CRM systems.

Quick Verification

Quick VerificationWith all the departments on board with on-going projects — all thanks to CRM — orders, purchases and clients can be verified without the time lag that red-tapism usually causes. Since CRM is completely computerized with customer intelligence pre-stored in the system, it ensures that the data is centrally available to every department so they can verify each order at their end to minimize faults or delays. This will help track when an order was taken and when it was ready to be dispatched. Delivery confirmation can also be tracked through this system. Not only will this guarantee efficiency but also optimize customer satisfaction which is the main goal of customer-oriented businesses.

Communication RoutesCommunication Routes

CRMs use various means of communication to receive and deliver messages internally. While most CRM systems are firmly-integrated with email, they are not as tightly-linked to telephone systems. If the PBX system is connected to CRM, all in-coming calls can be recorded and the caller-information displayed on the page. This not only saves time on introductions but also helps build cordial relations which are administered by CRM.

With employees having the knowledge that all inter-department communication is recorded and monitored, they will be naturally motivated to keep their words precise and avoid unnecessary talk, which wastes time. This way CRMs are also psychologically incentivizing team members to make communication better.

However the usefulness of this system does not end here. More features that can be developed into this system include calling someone by merely clicking on phone numbers, recording conversations to avoid missing out on important details, using speech recognition for transcription from oral to text and enabling conference calls.

Visual Aid

Visual AidThe possibilities of communication with CRM are not limited to verbal chats or audio recording. They can be enhanced to include features that improve visually-aided communication as well. These features can include making desktop sharing possible between employees to directly show the person where exactly you’re hovering and what precisely you are referring to. It can also enable video calls from the web so that a more personal and direct communication can be done.

CRMs are the advent of modern technology that has strengthened communication within organizations by focusing on different aspects of internal correspondence. SmartVT is a business counselor and service provider in Montreal, Canada, offering vTiger support and installation  as well as development services and CRM customization. To improve communication within your business to build a stronger team, just give us a call or drop a mail.

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