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vTiger CRM Data Migration

Data Migration and CRM Support Services

SmartVT provides quality Data Migration services from a range of data sources including but not restricted to Microsoft Access, Salesforce and ZohoCRM to your vTiger CRM database. We are well aware of the complications that come with data migration for any organization. Transferring organizational contact details, financial and transactional records, profiles, links and other data can be time consuming and challenging.

Our team is highly qualified and well equipped to conduct an extensive data migration from your currently used software to your newly obtained vTiger CRM software database. We possess the technical expertise to ensure complete, safe and reliable migration of all relevant and requested data.

Even if your vTiger CRM lacks a particular module or a certain specific record type, our highly experienced development team will devise and generate whatever module is required for complete and adequate data accommodation.

Our working timeline is dependent on the volume of data to be transferred as well as the degree of urgency. An initial or preliminary data migration to the vTiger base, can take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. Following this, as well as due client approval, a final migration will be conducted. The time frame for the final migration is also subject to the amount of data being transferred and can take anywhere between two and eight hours.

We are confident about the capabilities of the product we back and ensure comprehensive after care and support post completion of data migration. We will also be available to correct any data issues even if the data is pre-imported for a reasonable premium saving you the hassle of a complete re-migration.

Some of our services for data migration from existing data sources to vTiger include:

Zoho CRMMicrosoft Access
Excel or CSV FilesSalesforce
SugarCRMvTiger to vTiger

You may contact our company representatives for additional service options including data migration from custom sources.

If you require more information on our services including quotes, additional services and data migration options not mentioned here and service details, you may get in touch using the information provided below.

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