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How to Download and Install Vtiger CRM Version 7.0

storage online monitorWith more than 3 million downloads, Vtiger Open Source CRM is considered by many to be the most powerful CRM solution. In this blog, we give you a step by step guide on how to download and install Vtiger version 7 in cPanel.

If you have a hosting, there’s a high chance it has cPanel on it. If you do not have cPanel, then you can install the wamp server in windows and LAMP on Linux.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Downloading

The first step is pretty straightforward. Simply visit their source forge page from the link (http://sourceforge.net/projects/vtigercrm/) and download their files.

Once you open the page, click on the files button (don’t click the download button; you’ll need to first choose the version you’re downloading). You will then be redirected to a new screen where an option will be given to choosing which version you wish to download which in our case, is version 7.0.

After the downloading has completed, you will have a compressed file by the name of tar.gz. We will be uploading this file to our hosting account as will be explained in later steps. From here on we will install the Vtiger software in our cPanel account.

Step 2: Creating the Vtiger Database

To install vTiger, we require two things: A database to store our data, and the already downloaded files from the Sourceforge website. Let’s begin with the first step in creating a database.

Our first requirement is a database in which we can store our CRM data. For this, we need to log into our cPanel account and scroll down to the database section. Here we click on the MySQL Databases, and head on to the ‘Create New Database’ section. Choose a name for your database and click create. To maximize security, it’s best to create new MySQL users for every vTiger database we create.

Now that we’ve created our future Vtiger database, we need to create a username to read and write the data from the servers. To do so, simply insert your username and password and click “Create User” (remember to note down the username and password).

Finally, assign this user to your database. Search for the section called “Add User to Database” and select the database and the user. Click “Add”. Assign all privileges to the user. It is important to take note of both name and credentials. These will be required during Vtiger installation.

Step 3: Upload Vtiger Files

Now we need to upload and extract the Vtiger files. Return to the main screen in the cPanel account, and search for the Files Section. Click the File Manager Icon.

Now pick the directory for which you wish to open File Manager.

After the file manager option appears, you can begin to upload the files by clicking on the Upload icon. Click the Browse button. Search and select the first file you wish to upload. The process will start automatically.

After the uploading finishes, the files will need to be extracted. To do this, simply select the file and click on Extract. Once the file is unzipped, a newly created Vtiger directory will appear.

Step 4: Installing Vtiger

To begin, click on the install button. Read the license agreement and click “I Agree”.

An Installation Prerequisites window will open. Have a look at your PHP Configurations and ensure that the Present Values are in compliance with the Required Values. Proceed by clicking “Next”.

Here, you provide your MySQL credentials (The database user, password and name we created in Step 1). Here, we will need to configure personal information and default currency through Admin User Information and System Information blocks respectively. After providing the values, click “Next”.

The last stage of the entire process is to confirm your configuration settings and clicking “Next”.

You’re done! In just a few minutes your Vtiger CRM account will be ready to use.

If you face any technical difficulties or problems which may seem too complex, feel free to avail our Vtiger installation services and have the experts set your Vtiger account up and running in no time!

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