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Manage Your Inbox Efficiently Using vTiger’s 2-Way Sync Featurette

cloud computing serverAlthough much has changed in the world of internet since the advent of social media, one thing remains the same: information exchange via email. This exchange of emails is still the main method of communication between most organizations. Employee performance and productivity depends on the efficient management of inboxes across different emailing platforms. This is where the new vTiger 2-way sync feature comes in.

The feature synchronizes Gmail and Vtiger inboxes allowing you the access to all of your emails without the need to constantly switch between the two. vTiger’s power lies in bringing together all mailboxes on a single page granting convenience to the user.

Let’s take a look at some other benefits granted by the 2-way sync feature.

Time Efficiency

Enabling the 2-way sync feature allows all the emails from a particular lead to be synchronized between Gmail and vTiger. This saves you time wasted on searching for lead information on two separate platforms. Additionally, a link is created between the emails and the lead’s records. This gives you the option to view all of a lead’s information at a single click.business balancing


Emails across multiple platforms or accounts can be difficult to keep track off. vTiger’s 2-way sync feature allows you to view all emails simultaneously on Gmail and vTiger making it far easier to update information, maintain a track of the email exchange between you and your contact, and greatly reduces errors and inconsistencies.

Improve Information Storage and Collection

vTiger also allows you to store all the lead’s details and information in a single spot known as lead email, lead name, and lead conversation. Also, vTiger offers additional applications such as the Gmail Add-on which integrates the vTiger software directly into the inbox.

It intelligently furnishes the customer profiles on the basis of received messages. The Add-on also allows you to save on time by completing actions such as opportunity creation, record viewing, and posting of comments directly from the inbox.

It also grants you the ability to toggle your applications without interrupting your workflow.

Prevent Cross-Referencing

It can be pretty chaotic trying to keep track of emails across two different platforms. This can give rise to ambiguity and create inconsistencies in lead information. There will be a constant need to cross-reference the emails which will then lead to decreased productivity. The vTiger sync feature allows you to overcome these problems by choosing between the “Gmail 2-way sync feature” and the “Auto-forwarding” feature. We believe the Gmail feature to be the superior option.

Gmail 2-way sync feature comes with major benefits such as:

  • Full automation without the need for user interaction
  • Option to synchronize as many as 3 folders simultaneously
  • Automatic sync of emails in Vtiger and
  • Availability on all versions (except open source)

Pretty convenient, isn’t it? Contact our Vtiger installation services to have your email database synchronized perfectly with the Vtiger software allowing you greater ease, accuracy, and productivity!

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