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What to Consider When Hiring a Vtiger Developer?

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When you’re looking for a way to give your start-up a competitive edge or for someone to create a software that significantly boosts efficiency, you know you need a developer. Unless you’re a programmer yourself, it’s difficult to pick out the right developers for your needs. It becomes even harder when you’re on the lookout for a very specific Vtiger developer.

If you need assistance with tiger integration into your current system, a brand new CRM for a specific vertical or need to build a module, you’ll have to hire a qualified and experienced Vtiger developer that can take on complex tasks.

Making the right choice can take your business to new heights; making the wrong one will waste time, effort and a whole lot of money!

Use this guide to narrow down Vtiger developers for your project:

1. Have a clearly defined project scope

If you’re unsure about your needs, how are you going to check whether the developer you’re considering can fulfill them?

The clearer you are about the project scope, the more relevant the candidates for the job will be. There’s no point in writing up a vague job description that attract thousands of unsuitable applications.

Take some time to understand exactly what you need; it will allow you to better communicate your requirements to Vtiger developers.

You should jot down a list of objectives and expectations. As a non-programmer, there will be parts you don’t fully understand so when you’re unsure of what you want then explain yourself as clearly as possible so they can fill in the blanks.

2. Check if they’re qualified Vtiger developers

Searching online for Vtiger developers will open you up to developers, freelancers, software houses and IT companies from all over the globe. Having so many options can make it that much harder to pick a developer that gets the job done without overcharging.

Be on the lookout for developers/companies that have the work to prove their experience with Vtiger. If they have a website, check for case studies of past clients or participation in related conferences/forums; it shows that they have a genuine interest in Vtiger and CRM development.

If they’ve published modules in the Vtiger marketplace, they have a little more credibility than others. Companies that do so are required to follow stringent guidelines to ensure they’re following the best coding practices.

3. Development companies or Freelancers—what’s better?
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Freelancers won’t charge as much as a development company. However, they may not have the work ethic and discipline of a professional development company.

The efficiency of a freelancer varies from person to person; some freelancers are very organized and working according to a fixed schedule, others don’t.

For small start-ups and sole entrepreneurs, freelancers may be more feasible but if you have a large project at hand, it’s best to go with a development company.

Development companies consist of various departments that tend to the client’s need. Clients are usually assigned a project manager who become their person-of-contact and handles coordination between the developers and the client. The process is structured and flows a lot more smoothly as opposed to a single freelancer.

Technical glitches can happen at any time; development companies have a team of experts that can help when there are issues in the system but freelancers have to work by themselves.

4. Don’t base your decision on price

It’s easy to be swayed by a low price but when it comes to choosing developers, your focus should be the end product. Go for a developer that’s offering you the better product—not the cheapest price.

5. Understand that you’re going into a partnership

Companies make the mistake of thinking of systems development as a one-time task when it’s actually an on-going partnership between them and the developers.

With time, the needs of your system are bound to change; the developers are needed to address any issues, maintain and regularly update the system to ensure it works smoothly. Think of the developers as a long-term investment that is needed to keep you competitive in the industry.

SmartVT is a consultancy that offers CRM and Vtiger development and migration services for businesses of all sizes. We also offer ongoing support for all our clients at reasonable prices. Have a project for us? Get in touch with our team to see how we can help.

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