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Why You Should Go For vTiger CRM Cloud Edition

cloud computingA large number of businesses now prefer to switch from locally installed CRM solutions to cloud edition. The scale of solutions that allows businesses to improve the accessibility and security of their data.

This is very similar to how commercial banks work. The bank allows clients to make cash deposits, and in return, they provide a range of services including digital and physical security, to convenience in the form of global accessibility through ATMs and debit cards.

If a single person tried to develop the same range of security and services for themselves, the costs would be immense. vTtiger CRM cloud solutions offer a similar service. By charging a small fee, you can gain access to fast, secure, and continuously improving the software with constant uptime and readily available customer support.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of cloud edition.

Low Costs

Having a very large customer base allows Vtiger to spread the costs of backup, support, and administration over thousands of clients. This enables them to offer their services are a considerably lower fee. The open source edition will require additional IT resources to manage the installation process and to ensure the safety of the data.

Constant Uptime

In today’s fast-paced world, having uninterrupted access to data is crucial for your business. Whether it’s a transfer of data between two computers in the office, or from a mobile device to another part of the world, Vtiger has dedicated teams working around to clock to ensure that the servers are always online, and the system is operating at maximum efficiency.

clouds computeHigh-Levels of Security

Information is secured in data warehouses with high levels of protection. To safeguard data against potential system breakdown and data loss, customer data is copied on site. Additionally, data is transferred with a 128-bit encryption to provide security against snooping.

Zero Maintenance

A CRM solution comes with many moving parts. From the system it is hosted on, to the software, to the hardware it operates on, to the internet connection. Cloud software removes the need for all of this. A Vtiger Cloud edition allows you to experience high availability (99.9%), consistent updates (new fixes and features every 2 weeks), No maintenance, and fast page loading times (as low as 0.3 seconds).

Free Support

Getting CRM set up and matching your processes and business functions to it can prove to be a highly technical task. CRM experts are available around the clock to help with any problems.

Upgrading to cloud allows you to save on money, time and space. Avail our Vtiger installation services today and elevate your business’s data-management to the next level.

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