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vTiger Upgrade

vTiger Installation & Upgrade

Get proper vTiger CRM upgrade service from SmartVT

The administration of the CRM seems so easy, but when it comes to managing then people get to know that it is not as easy as it seems, performing upgrades is a thing that needs a little knowledge. But when we are here for you then why to stress, as at VTiger we have an open source CRM and it is frequently upgraded with new features and functions so that we can provide you with the excellent support that your business needs. The upgrading process needs be done with a lot of care as if a single thing goes wrong; all the VTiger upgrade goes wrong. If one does not have complete knowledge and expertise, then it can lead towards:

  • Database corruption
  • Partial data loss and even completed data loss as well

No individual can afford to lose the data and no one have the time to recover the data if once it was lost. If you miss a single thing, then it’s the failure of a full backup of your database, before the migration even starts. The VTiger upgrade is done as:

Test migration, this test is used to verify the integrity of the database. This helps in making the process of migration problem free.

After determining and making sure by the client that all the data has been migrated successfully, then a migration is scheduled to the client’s system. Taking a test of VTiger migration before the implementation as it enables us to address the issues before taking steps towards the final migration. For a smooth process and to make sure that no data would be lost, it is necessary.

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