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How Does Vtiger CRM Development Benefit Small Businesses?

Installing a powerful and efficient CRM is crucial for all small and medium businesses that are working tirelessly to obtain and get the most of their leads. Vtiger CRM development specifically streamlines the sales processes for small businesses so they can reach their potential by optimizing their sales teams.

Here’s how Vtiger benefits small businesses:business crm services

1. Lead Management

Making the most out of leads is the key to growth of small and medium businesses. Vtiger offers superior lead management tools ease the process substantially. From lead generation to the organization of contact information, Vtiger does it all!

With Vtiger CRM, users are able to import and extract information from .vcf files and .csv files. Companies that purchase lists of leads can import records in bulk with just a few clicks, saving the sales team time and effort.

2. Taking Opportunities

An effective sales team recognizes and avails opportunities that can generate revenue. Vtiger’s easy-to-use system manages opportunities in such a way that sales personnel never miss them.

The system helps users keep track of opportunities from the beginning (Lead Qualification) to end of the sales cycles (End of Sale).

3. Contact Management

Every time a sales personnel is rummaging through their email in search of a contact number, they’re wasting time.

Vtigers provides efficient contact management. It separates qualified customers from the extensive list of unqualified customers. It also separates contact numbers of individuals and contact numbers of organizations.

Finding contract information couldn’t get easier!

4. Inventory Management

Depending on the nature of your company, you can have products that you have purchased from suppliers piled up in your inventory or products that you’re selling to customers stocked in the inventory. Whatever your operations are, you’ll need a CRM that links the Sales and Procurement departments.

Vtiger offers a Products module that simplifies inventory management.

5. Management of Sales Orders and Invoices

crm analyticsOnce a Purchase Order is received, Vtiger generates a Sales Order. The Sales Order assists the sales team in monitoring the production of products/services.

The Sales Order can instantly be converted into an Invoice when needed.

6. Simplifies Customer Service

Customers can create a post-sales support request called “tickets”. Vtiger efficiently organizes all tickets. Sales teams address tickets on a case by case basis. It makes easier to provide customer support and address problems on time.

7. Project Management

Delivering on time is of utmost importance for small businesses; failing to do so can cause them to lose out on clients.

In Vtiger CRM, each project has specified goals, budgets and target dates. Once the project begins, Vtiger tracks its progress keeping the sales team updated at all times.

8. Managing of other Activities

Vtiger compiles all essential tools needed on a project into one platform. Users can use to access emails, make phone calls, block dates on calendars, find meeting agendas, and more.

It’s all you need to keep track of daily activities.

SmartVT is a consultancy that provides CRM and Vtiger development, integration and data migration services for businesses big and small.

We also offer ongoing support for all our clients at affordable prices. Get in touch with our team to see how you can benefit from Vtiger.

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