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Why A CRM Is Crucial For The Success Of Your Small Business

business desk CRMWhen your business first starts, you’re working with a limited number of clients whose information can be stored on your phones with no problem at all. However, as the business grows bigger, it becomes harder to manage information efficiently. CRMs assist in centralizing customer relations and help optimize sales’ leads.

Let’s take a look at why CRMs are crucial for the success of your small business:

1. Lead Management

If you think CRMs are only needed by large businesses, you’re wrong! CRMs streamline sales processes and enhance lead management.

CRMs make is easier to convert leads into customers. When potential leads show interest in your businesses, it becomes important to capture them. A CRM allows businesses to make the most out of each lead.

There are CRMs out there that can capture leads directly from emails; sales personnel don’t need to manually add the addresses to their list, the CRM does it for them.

2. Deal Management

Small businesses need to stay on top of their targets to gain and retain clients. CRMs can streamline specific processes and organize deals so sales personnel can monitor developments from a single platform.

Advanced CRMs allow sales personnel to filter customers and deals cased on their names, expected closing dates, values, etc. They even let them organize activities based on priorities.

The main goal of CRMs is to get the most out of leads and to maximize sales by providing an adequate support system for sales teams.

Business ManagementWhen working with advanced CRMs, sales personnel don’t need to waste time navigating multiple screens, creating mailing lists, scheduling tasks using an array of applications— everything is consolidated into a single interface.

3. Email Management

Sales professionals spend at least 2–3 hours of their day just sending out emails. CRMs integrate your emails with your sales applications so all the information you need is available on a single platform.

For small businesses, it’s imperative to share business related information and to encourage the sales teams to meet their targets.

4. Phone Calls

A few decades ago, if you were a sales rep who was asked to call a potential lead, you would have to find the phone number, make the call using your desk phone and store the number somewhere else.

The process was time-consuming and efficient. Imagine how much time you would waste when searching for a phone number in a physical diary!

Today’s businessmen can’t spend time manually searching for phone numbers—that’s why we have automatic applications.

Advanced CRMs are equipped with a phone calling system so sales reps never have to turn to their desk phone. Phones are stored on the system itself and can be found with just a few clicks.

By adopting a CRM, you’re making a decision to streamline processes and maximize sales revenues. It’s a sure-fire way to drive your small business to success.

Vtiger is a CRM that was designed to support small businesses. It has an east-to-use interface that was designed to enhance customer service and boost ROI.

SmartVT is a consultancy that offers CRM and Vtiger development, plug-in, CRM extensions and migration services. We also offer ongoing support to all our customers at fair prices. Contact our team for more information on our services.




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