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Should You Upgrade Your Current CRM System?

CRM SpeedJust as engines need to be oiled every now and then to lubricate rusting parts and revive performance, your systems need the same boost.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are innovative solutions to substitute the traditional methods data storage and management. But with every technological breakthrough, an old one becomes obsolete.

This is why to match the pace of the market it is important to upgrade your CRM systems.

If a newer version of the CRM is available, it would definitely have newer functions that can make your data even more convenient to access with added benefits. This enables your system to become more fast-paced and competitive to run in the industry.

Here are some reasons that make an upgrade necessary.

Alternate Communication Paths

If your customers have started communicating externally and are not using the system any more, this is a major indication that your CRM is failing to cater to all their needs. This necessitates an upgrade. This also tells you that there is no way that you can govern or influence your client’s experience with your organization and this may adversely impact customer satisfaction.

Failed Centralization

 Failed Centralization

If your desktop is not screening all the information you need autonomously and you have to personally contact different departments for updates on progress, the system is failing you. With a well-integrated CRM system, you should not need to contact the marketing department externally to check which strategies work best in boosting sales: the results should be available on your screen. Business intelligence should be integrated from all sources to provide a consolidated version available to all authorized personnel.

Obsolete Functions

In case your system is becoming a hindrance in endorsing new initiatives because it does not support them, you are badly in need of system resuscitation. This is a prime example of the system going against the company’s goals and not aligned with them.  This may include instances of hacking needed to make the system perform functions that it is not designated to do.Obsolete Functions

Ad Hoc Selling

It is beneficial to run an audit of your sales department. If your reps are side-stepping the system and engaging in ad hoc sales, that completely defeats the purpose of installing a CRM system in the first place. Ideally the business should adopt a systematic approach instead of random sales and purchases happening (probably) off the record. The system should offer forecasts about future trends and be institutionally updated about everything happening under the umbrella. If not, it is time for an upgrade.

Restricted Mobility

 Restricted Mobility

In order to make your business follow the beat every single day, it must be available on the go on mobile phones as well. Without this accessibility and usage are both restricted which pulls down team productivity. As 48% of CRM users now access the system through smartphone apps it is almost a necessity to upgrade your system on the cloud.

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